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NNDDC Businesses and Partnerships

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62 Degrees North

62°N is a Yellowknife-based medical services company founded in 2012 by paramedic Matt Vincent. They provide comprehensive medical solutions to northern communities and camps, as well as throughout Canada.

Businesses - A

AFD Petroleum Ltd

Established in 1989, AFD Petroleum is an independent supplier of bulk fuel, lubricants, and on-site tank storage systems to companies across western Canada, Texas, and Alaska.  In Yukon, they are partnering with NNDDC to supply fuel to Alexco Resources and at the cardlock in the Village of Mayo.  AFD offers the community with:

  • Independently sourced bulk fuel

  • Heavy-duty lubricants, grease, and fluids

  • Efficient, state-of-the-art delivery systems

  • On-site fuel and oil tank storage systems

  • Accurate online satellite tank level monitoring

  • Real-time billing and reporting

  • Technical support and 24-hour toll-free service

  • A well-equipped project management team

Alkan Air

NNDDC has been in partnership with Alkan Air and its CEO, Wendy Taylor, for some years now and has benefited from the partnership which is shared with the Klaune and Vuntut Development Corporations. However, we now have the opportunity to buy into a larger fleet of airplanes with Alkan which will provide services for medical evacuation, as well as flights into smaller communities such as Mayo. NNDDC is also looking to partner with Alkan to provide aviation fuel services at the Mayo Airport.

ALX Exploration Services

Working with Alan Lebedoff, ALX’s CEO, the NNDDC is looking to increase its revenue through increasing sales of mining supplies from work-clothes to hose and pipes to drill equipment, mud and hardware, all those tools, nuts and bolts that miners need daily to keep on working.

Businesses - B

One of NNDDC's older investments, this office building which is leased to the Yukon Government offers a strong return on investment and requires very little attention on our part as Vuntut Property Management runs the day-to-day operations.

Boart Longyear

Boart Longyear, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with regional offices and operations located in Asia Pacific, North and South America, Europe, and Africa, is publicly listed on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). Boart Longyear has historically been the drilling of choice with Alexco and have had a long history of working in the Keno mineral region. They offer training opportunities to NND citizens and are looking forward to working closely with us as they continue to work in the NND Traditional Territory.

Chieftain Energy

Chieftain Energy LP is a 100% Yukon-owned partnership between two large Yukon fuel buyers and two prominent Yukon First Nations Development Corporations. Chieftain's purpose is to streamline Yukon's fuel supply chain by working with Yukon First Nations and businesses to purchase fuels in an efficient manner. Chieftain Energy is interested in developing strong relations with large users of fuel, as well as potential suppliers and logistics partners, including bulk storage suppliers, barge suppliers, refineries, and other oil & gas players.

Core Geoscience Services Inc.

Core Geoscience Services Inc. (Coregeo) is a Yukon owned company that provides geoenvironmental and regulatory support for mining, infrastructure development, quarrying and aggregate projects within northern climates.

Coregeo combines professional technical expertise in mineral exploration, mining, and environmental geochemistry with a thorough knowledge of the regulatory requirements to create effective tailored solutions for northern projects. Coregeo professionals have extensive experience supporting and implementing mineral exploration, mining, earthworks and quarry projects within Yukon and British Columbia.

Businesses - C
Businesses - D

Domcor - Health, Safety & Security Inc.

DOMCOR are a premier provider of fully integrated Health and Safety Services, including First Aid, Traffic Control and Security solutions throughout Canada.  They offer community-based training in all aspects of a health and safety program, delivered locally or globally. They work your hours, at your location and convenience. Domcor brings its proven industrial training programs, including first aid training and confined space training, to wherever you are in the world, right here from Canada. Originally signed as an NNDDC partner in 2013, we have recently revived the partnership with an eye to providing services to Victoria Gold and other firms in the NND Territory.

Eagle Legacy Contracting

Eagle Legacy Contracting is one of our newest partners and is owned by Deanna Peter-Profeit and Jeremiah Gordon, Na-Cho Nyäk Dun First Nation and Kwanlin Dün First Nation citizens respectively.  They offer a range of services related construction and carpentry projects. For a list of the equipment Eagle Legacy Contracting owns, please see the attached document.


NNDDC is looking to partner with ECOFOR on archaeological and heritage studies in the NND Traditional Territory, specifically with Mr. James Mooney, the renowned Yukon archaeologist on studies related to YESAB submissions for mining firms. ECOFOR is an environmental and cultural heritage resource management company with offices in Whitehorse, Yukon and elsewhere in Canada that has provided multidisciplinary environmental consultation since 1996.

Businesses - E
Businesses - F

Fleming Protection & Security Inc.

Fleming Protection & Security Inc. officers are highly trained personnel who blend intimidating yet professional conduct with the highest level of customer service.  Our pool of knowledgeable and qualified security guards is government licensed, bonded and insured. Each officer undergoes site-specific training before assignment which includes a review of your onsite procedures and emergency response protocol at your facility. We understand that it is not just our reputation on the line but that our officers represent you in the community. Our rigorous hiring process includes psychological testing and in-depth questioning. Fleming also offers employee testing for drugs and alcohol to mining companies.

J & B Contracting Ltd.

Ketza Pacific Construction Ltd.

Ketza Construction Corp. is a team of over 30 year-round professionals with over 35 years of experience in industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi residential building construction. Ketza are industry leaders in design-build construction, specializing in northern climates and have a long history in the mining sector in Yukon. Their ersatile and dynamic team is ready to take on any construction challenge.

Founded in 1975 as Densmore Construction, Ketza Construction Corp. has grown to extend its reach into British Columbia and Alberta. Ketza Construction Corp.' sister organizations include Ketza Pacific Construction Limited (Campbell River, BC), Ketza Central Limited (Calgary Alberta) and Ketza Contracting Ltd. Saskatchewan (Swift Current, Saskatchewan). Parent Company Ketza Group, has a rich corporate history of projects all over western Canada and USA totalling some $280 million in total contact value under some 375 total projects.

Lakewood Electric Ltd.

Lakewood Electric Ltd. was formed in 1972 and is owned by four Senior Members with a collective experience of over 110 years in the electrical industry. In 41 years Lakewood Electric Ltd. has expanded its resources and expertise to encompass the full scope of electrical power and control installations, instrumentation, commissioning, as well as project design and turn-key installations in specific industries.  Lakewood has completed mining related projects in Labrador, Nunavut, BC, NWT and Yukon

Businesses - M

Mayo Foods Grocery Store

NNDDC's flagship business, Mayo Foods, has recently been re-branded and continues to look for ways to better service the local community. Since 2012, NNDDC has been able to consistently drive the price of groceries at Mayo Foods down as shown in the attached chart using data derived from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics. Since October 2015 our prices have been lower than those in the much larger Dawson City market area. Mayo Foods is a major employer in Mayo and provides a range of community services. We are looking for ways to improve our services, keep prices down while always improving quality.

MacPherson Rentals


Locally owned and operated, MacPherson Rentals has served Whitehorse and the Yukon Territory for over 15 years, providing all types of rental equipment for contractors and the general public, as well as mining companies and government agencies. They specialize in equipment rentals, but also offer sales of new equipment and a fully staffed and equipped parts and service department. We service everything we sell, including Bobcat®, Doosan Heavy Equipment, Doosan Forklifts, Doosan Portable Power, Genie®, Hilti and Landa®. We have the largest inventory of Bobcat® parts in the Yukon and our fully trained technicians can solve your equipment problems.

Midnight Sun Drilling Inc.

Midnight Sun Drilling Inc. has been serving the drilling industry with specialized equipment and quality drilling since 1970. MSD Inc. was one of the first drilling contractors in Canada to specialize in Centre Sampling Hammers while today they have moved into Sonic drill systems. Because of their northern drill experience, they have adapted equipment for easy accessibility to remote terrain and have become expert at coping with all eventualities posed by difficult sites. NNDDC is looking to working with MSD to open-up new market opportunities for them in the NND Territory.

NNDDC’s oldest and most profitable limited partnership arrangement, NELPCo (formally NND EBA Land Protection Corporation) is with Tetra Tech Canada which provides a wide range of specialized engineering and environmental services in the NND Traditional Territory and across the Yukon. TTC’s local office in Whitehorse is the largest engineering firm in the Yukon and brings a knowledge of the land, geology, and permafrost conditions that are second-to-none. NELPCo holds a highly valued, and very difficult to acquire, Aboriginal Set-Aside Standing Offer of Agreement (SOA with INAC for mine remediation services that is valued at up to $2M annually. This was a challenging process to work through with INAC and it is one of our major recent accomplishments. This clearly demonstrates the value of partnering with First Nation Development Corporations.

New Age Drilling Solutions Inc.

New Age Drilling Solutions Inc. provides a professional and extremely seasoned diamond drilling team to work to their projects in the Yukon and abroad. New Age provides leading edge diamond drilling technology a network of responsive partners delivers core where others are unable. NNDDC and New Age have successfully won their first project with Victoria Gold and we are looking at other opportunities.

NexGen Mechanical Inc.

NND-Summit Camps

Summit Camps is a full-service camp and catering supplier for industry across Canada. They have created a working culture that values people, allows them to grow, and makes them want to return year after year, allowing them to give their clients the best service possible.  NNDDC signed a limited partnership agreement with Summit in May 2017 and promptly won the camp and catering service contract with Alexco Resources and began hiring locally. Summit is already pursuing new contracts in camp services with many major mining firms and with the Yukon government.

Northern Construction

Partnering with NND citizens is a real joy and in this case our recently off on maternity leave Office Manager, Skyla Vance, has developed her own firm with her partner, Jerrid Hozack, providing services in construction and landscaping. We are looking forward to generating new business opportunities with them this year. Contact Jerrid at or 867-334-2877

Businesses - N

RAB Energy Group Inc.

Businesses - R

RAB Energy Group Inc. is a Yukon First Nations owned, for profit corporation whose trademarks, Northerm and Capitol Glass, are in the business of providing the highest quality products to consumers throughout the north. Northerm is the Yukon’s preeminent manufacturer & sales of vinyl windows, entry doors, auto glass, overhead doors, skylights, custom glass and aluminium siding. Northerm, a Yukon based business, provides the highest quality windows, doors, glass and related building products to consumers throughout northern Canada with emphasis on superior service, the well-being of employees, customers, owners, and the environment.  NNDDC holds a small percentage of RAB shares, yet this long-term investment usually provides a viable return on investment.


Solvest is a Northern renewable energy company that has offices in Whitehorse and Yellowknife. NNDDC is exploring a number of new technology ventures with them that could greatly reduce the use of diesel power in mining camps as well as reduce our dependency on YEC power at our major businesses in Mayo.  For example, the Tony's Pizzeria now has around 10.8kW of solar power located on the roof helping reduce the power bill while we are looking at an additional 38.8kW on Mayo Foods.  These green energy projects are supported through grants greatly reducing the period before we start to acquire a viable ROI on these investments.

Businesses - S
Businesses - U

Underhill Geomatics Ltd.

Operating since 1913, Underhill Geomatics Ltd. provides technologically advanced, flexible and efficient geospatial solutions for their clients. With offices in Whitehorse, NNDDC is proud that we can partner with this firm which frequently carries our surveying work for Yukon Energy, for mining firms and municipalities as well as for other businesses and land owners. Our Wildland Fire Management Crew recently worked with Underhill Geomatics on a survey for Yukon Energy and it was a successful partnership. We expect more joint projects in the near future while Underhill is looking to hire and train NND citizens as surveyors.

Businesses - W

Wildland Fire Management - Grey Hunter Crew

NNDDC's longest standing business partner is the Yukon government’s Wildland Fire Management Crew, known locally as the Grey Hunter Fire Crew. While traditionally a three-man crew, we acquired special funding this year for a fire-crew trainee for 2017 who we hope is able to become a fully-funded fourth crew member in 2018. We also acquired a new fire-crew truck this year at a very reasonable price as our contract has set limits on the mileage allowed and the old truck was at the end of its contract life.

Wildstone Construction Group

The Wildstone Group has the in-house capability to self-perform a wide variety of construction services. We are not just General Contractors we are Builders, Engineers, and Construction Managers.  As an infrastructure specialist, we provide our services throughout western and northern Canada.  In the Yukon, Wildstone has developed a Limited Partnership with NNDDC and are actively assisting the First Nation in home building and construction crew training.

From greenfield water treatment facilities, to design-building substations for remote mining operations, to remote bridges and airport constriction in Whitehorse, Wildstone are a diverse group of professionals who put our clients first.

Yukon Indian Development Corporation

YIDC is a First Nation Corporation that has been focused on business investments that generate wealth while contributing to the sustainable growth and development of First Nation people, their environment and culture.  NNDDC maintains a considerable investment in YIDC even though the organization has wound down its active business activities.

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