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Waterfront Station Offices

Unit 420, 2237-2nd Avenue

Whitehorse, Yukon


© 2017 by Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation

Home of the Big River People

The Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation (NNDDC) was created in 1997 with modest objectives. The mandate of NNDDC is to be the primary active business arm for the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun (FN-NND) citizens and to develop and manage business interests that provide services to the community and create employment opportunities for FN-NND citizens. FN-NND is located in northeast Yukon in the community of Mayo, a town that had its beginnings during the boom years of the silver mines in the area in the 1920's and their Traditional Territory covers 162,456 square kilometers of land - 131,599 sq km in the Yukon and 30,857 sq km in NWT. Map and History

NNDDC does this by primarily investing in and managing local businesses and real estate, and by working with other businesses that invest in and operate in the FN-NND's Traditional Territory. These businesses provide opportunities for joint ventures, partnerships, and contracts to provide services and supplies by NNDDC businesses and employment for FN-NND citizens. When these outside businesses do well, they have money to invest, and NNDDC and its subsidiary businesses also do well.

NNDDC is one of several partners contributing to Community Economic Development for the First Nation of the Na-Cho Nyäk Dun, including: Chief and Council, NND Investment Trust, NND Business Trust, and NND Departments. Other partners include the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) and Yukon Government Departments of Economic Development & Community Services.

Message from the CEO

Everyday I come into our new offices at Waterfront Station in Whitehorse, which we share with the Chief Isaac Group of Companies and the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce, and I am happily overwhelmed at the number of great opportunities that NNDDC has available to it. Working with our new Board of Directors, we are pursuing innovative limited partnerships or revenue sharing agreements with Yukon firms and with national leaders active in NND's Traditional Territory. These partnerships span opportunities in drilling, mine supply servicing, camp catering and management, engineering and environmental services, garage services and vehicle repairs, hotel services, market housing, renewable energy, aviation and fuel services, surveying and geomatics and greenhouses. At NNDDC our office is always open to those who wish to discuss ideas and future possibilities.

We have recently added 10kW of solar power to the restuarant, with two-thirds of the project funded by Bullfrog Power and INAC through the Yukon Energy Solution Centre and we are looking for support to do the same on the grocery store with upwards of 34kW. With Victoria Gold we are diligently working to open their mine site this year. We are also working on developments with Alexco, ATAC Resources, Metallic Minerals and other mineral exploration firms, through which NNDDC should be able to return to a profitable status this year after many difficult years.

- Greg Finnegan, CEO

Message from the Chair

In the past year NNDDC has undergone very signification personnel changes at both the Board-level and staffing. The Board is comprised of 5 Directors, 3 of which are Na-Cho Nyäk Dun citizens, and all of which have been newly appointed within the past 12 months. I am very honoured to be a part of this Board working with others who possess high levels of expertise and energy. NNDDC also has a new CEO and Office Manager. The Board and management of NNDDC foster a strong team that will take NNDDC to becoming a sustainable business arm of the First Nations of Na-Cho Nyak Dun.

A key component of NNDDC's strategic plan is to diversity their current investment portfolio to reduce the impact of the boom and bust cycle mining cycles on their profit margin, while ensuring the business opportunities that come with mining opportunities are both negotiable and then realized to their fullest potential. The community of Mayo will see significant improvements in services available in the community from NNDDC activities and investments in land, buildings, and businesses in the next 2 years.

- Hector Campbell, Chair