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Ihdzí’ - Mayo’s Gathering Place is an inspiring community-based initiative in partnership with Yukon University. This grassroots project aims to be the heart and soul of Mayo, serving as a communal gathering space where diverse individuals can come together, laugh, share stories, exchange knowledge, and build meaningful connections.

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This youth-led skateboard making program is run in partnership with JV Clark School and Carleton University, seeking to develop entrepreneurial skills through culturally relevant skateboard development and design.

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Northern Tutchone Language Program

NNDDC is dedicated to the reignition of Northern Tutchone in our community. Through this program we are actively increasing signage and language learning opportunities.


In collaboration with the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun and the Indigenous Connectivity Institute, this year-long pilot project is responsible for the building and maintenance of a community-owned internet network that fosters digital sovereignty and self-determination.

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