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Bedrock Hotel LP

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The Bedrock Hotel LP oversees the operations of two hospitality properties, the Bedrock Hotel and the Northstar Motel. The Bedrock Hotel is a 12 room building offering year-round service and amenities, and a seasonal 10 unit fully serviced RV park. The Northstar Motel is a 9 unit motel offering clean and comfortable accommodations year-round in the heart of the Village of Mayo. Both properties support accommodations for tourism, local business and government meetings, local resource industries and more.

FY 2023 Update

The hospitality industry was significantly impacted by the unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time since the pandemic, FY2023 witnessed a significant uptick in bookings and long-term contracts. Revenue for FY2023 increased 25% over FY2022, however the economic inflation environment led to a net income decrease of 30% over the same period.

As of FY2023, approximately $194,000 total has been invested in upgrading the buildings’ energy efficiency including, boiler upgrades, new windows, and the addition of weather stripping. These initiatives are aligned with NNDDC’s overall environmental values and corporate priorities.

The Bedrock Hotel LP is focused on investing in the quality of these accommodations, including ensuring that all 10 RV pads are fully serviced with power, water, and waste. Further, The Bedrock Hotel LP was successfully awarded $25,000 from the Yukon Government’s Community Recreation Assistance Grant which went towards supplying The Bedrock Hotel with two canoes, two stand-up paddle board, safety equipment, and games for guests to use. FY2024 will see the continuation of this funding being used in the development of Mayo hiking trail maps.

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