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Central Yukon Equipment Leasing LP

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Major Infrastructure Services


Central Yukon Equipment Leasing LP (CYEL LP) is an infrastructure equipment company that leases major assets to local large scale industrial projects. Currently, these assets include industrial tire equipment, a 27kw solar generator, a vehicle, and a 6 unit modular camp.

FY 2023

This year, CYELP LP acquired two significant assets. A GMC Sierra pick-up truck, leased to Yukon First Nations Wildfire during the fire season, and a 15-person capacity camp leased to Walker’s Construction until April 2023.

In FY2023 a custom 27kw solar generator was commissioned from Yukon solar company Solvest Inc. This generator is currently being leased to Snowline Gold Corp.’s main camp. The solar generator met all operational performance expectations for the year, and provided a significant upgrade to quality of life for mine workers who previously had to endure the noise of a nonstop diesel generator. 

CYEL LP has demonstrated strong profitability in FY2023 with $123,000 of gross revenue and a profit margin of 75%.

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