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ColdAcre Food Systems

NNDDC's Ownership %


Indigenous Ownership %



Grocery, Food Sovereignty


ColdAcre Food Systems exists to provide communities with the economic, social, and sustainable benefits of community grown, reliable, fresh food. ColdAcre operates a farm in Whitehorse, Yukon which it uses to research, test, and implement design improvements for the technology that it distributes across Canada. Their diverse set of customization offerings allows for a broad set of growing opportunities, ensuring that users have year-round access to culturally relevant foods. Committed to the success of its clients, ColdAcre offers hands-on training for all clients and is a leading community sized, year-round food system producer in Canada.

NNDDC acquired a 51% controlling stake in ColdAcre on October 31, 2023. 

With a significant Indigenous community client base, ColdAcre is dedicated to addressing self-determination within food sovereignty. These principles go beyond ensuring affordability and access to quality and consistent foods, but ensuring that the foods are wanted and culturally relevant to the community in particular.  

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