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Mayo Foods

NNDDC's Ownership %


Indigenous Ownership %



Grocery, Retail, Prepared Foods


Mayo Foods is a retail store located in Mayo, Yukon, focusing on mainly serving grocery products in addition to some prepared and hot foods. As the only food retail space in the community, Mayo foods is committed to quality, affordable, and culturally relevant goods.

FY 2023 Update

FY2023 has been focused on how to better serve the needs of the community via Mayo Foods. The introduction of prepared and hot foods in FY2022 continued to be a valued part of offerings at Mayo Foods during FY2023. In FY2022 Mayo Foods was awarded $157,750 from Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) for a spectrum of Mayo Foods upgrades, including the Northern Tutchone language program. This work continued into FY2023 as Northern Tutchone signage has been installed to complement English signage. This is an operational activity that is intended to continue throughout FY2024 & FY2025.In consideration of ongoing inflation rates and the cost of living crisis, the strategic decision was made in FY2022 to not raise prices on staple grocery items. This pricing decision has continued into FY2023. With this in mind, and inflation still affecting operation expenses, Mayo Foods continued to report strong consistent profits, with a 5% increase in revenue over FY2022. 

Staffing continues to be an ongoing obstacle for Mayo Foods with multiple positions remaining vacant throughout FY2023.

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