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NND Summit Camp Services Ltd.

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NND Summit Camp Services Ltd. (NNDS) was incorporated in 2017 owned 51% by NNDDC and 49% by Summit Camp Services Ltd. NNDS offers a comprehensive range of services tailored for remote camp operations. Their scope of services encompasses camp construction and catering, providing a complete solution for setting up and maintaining remote camps. This includes janitorial services, including the supply of cleaning equipment and chemicals, as well as linen supply and cleaning and repair services. Additionally, they offer labor supply related to food and camp management, ensuring that skilled personnel are available when needed. They also handle transportation logistics for labor and provisioning to the camp. NND Summit Camp Services Ltd. excels in facilities management, ensuring that the camp operates smoothly, and provides clerk and front desk services for administrative support. Lastly, they offer expertise in kitchen equipment to maintain a well-equipped and efficient kitchen facility. Their comprehensive services make them a trusted partner for remote camp operations.

Since its inception, the company has achieved significant milestones, including securing and successfully executing camp services contracts at prominent mining sites. Notably, they have held the camp services contract at Victoria Gold's Eagle Gold property.They also hold contracts at Keno Hill, serving both Alexco and now Hecla.

FY 2023

In FY2023 NNDS held contracts at Victoria Gold Eagle Gold project for: catering, camp operations, camp maintenance, and janitorial for up to 350 clients. At Hecla’s Keno Hill project, the contract covered: catering, camp operations, camp maintenance, janitorial, and camp construction for up to 150 clients.


NNDS collaborated with the Gwich'in Development Corporation and Chief Isaac Group of Companies for a role on their Dempster fiber project, km 208 Camp. This work included, set-up, camp gear supply, catering, camp operations, camp maintenance, and janitorial for up to 50 clients.


This year NNDS also partnered with Chief Isaac Summit Camp Services on Sihdu’s Klondike highway camp, providing catering and camp operations for up to 40 clients.

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