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Yukon Seed & Restoration

NNDDC's Ownership %


Indigenous Ownership %



Environmental services, Seed Collection, Mining Remediation, Community Education


Yukon Seed & Restoration (YSR) is an environmental services company focusing on reclamation and restoration efforts across Yukon and Northern BC. YSR is focused on blending Traditional Ecological Knowledge with western science in order to service the land in a good way. This work is accomplished through both their field world and the development of the Yukon’s first native seed bank. YSR is deeply committed to the communities they serve and conduct regular workshops that seek to connect youth with Traditional Knowledge and foster the next generation of Indigenous environmental scientists.

FY2023 Update

FY2023 was a year of significant growth for YSR. In addition to growing seasonal contracts with regional industry partners, YSR hired General Manager, Kristina Gardner, in early FY2024 to help with ongoing business and operation development. 

The team was successful in receiving five significant funding opportunities;

  • Government of Canada - Indigenous Intellectual Property Program. $225,000 awarded to develop policies, procedures, and protocols to provide stronger parameters in ethically collecting, managing, storing, and disseminating Traditional Knowledge. Program implementation occuring in FY2024.

  • Government of Canada - Indigenous Forestry Initiative. $25,000 awarded to develop historical and contemporary forest inventory for lands impacted by wildfire in the NND Traditional Territory. Program implementation occuring in FY2024

  • Yukon Government, Department of Economic Development - Business Diversification and Sustainability Planning. $55,545 awarded to develop a formal business and sustainability plan. Implementation anticipated in FY2024.

  • Yukon Government, Department of Economic Development - Reforestation and Restoration Youth Training. $17,500 awarded to introduce workshops that will foster tree planting techniques and skill development for Selkirk First Nation and Little Salmon Carmacks youth and facilitate connection with Elders.

  • Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program. $6,000 awarded to host reclamation, revegetation, and seed collection workshops for Northern Tutchone youth. To be implemented in FY2024 & FY2025.

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