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NNDDC hits a new milestone in economic self-determination through critical infrastructure investment

Photo Credit: Ben Tobber, Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd.

Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation (NNDDC) is proud to announce the acquisition of four industrial propane tanks, from Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd. (“Borealis Fuels”), to be owned under our company Central Yukon Equipment Leasing LP. This acquisition marks an important development for NNDDC as this investment in industrial infrastructure assets is a component of a broader strategic initiative that enables NNDDC to become a vital infrastructure support entity in local large-scale industrial projects. This kind of asset allows for long-term sustainable partnerships with industry and is in keeping with the intention to foster meaningful self-determination for Na-Cho Nyäk Dun

Citizens. As an Indigenous development corporation that incorporates the principles of “seven generation thinking”, investing in long-term assets as well as long-term business arrangements positions us as not only a strong business partner, but also owners of key infrastructure that can outlast current industrial projects, aiding in long-term economic development in our Traditional Territory.

The four industrial tanks are respectively two 18,000 USWG and two 30,000 USWG, and have an estimated 50-year lifespan. A component of the acquisition agreement includes a 10-year lease with Borealis Fuels, for use at Victoria Gold Corp’s Eagle Gold Mine. The Eagle Gold Mine is the largest mine in the Yukon, and is located on the Traditional Territory of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun, approximately 80 km south of Mayo.In 2020, the Government of Yukon

released “Our Clean Futures” and NNDDC has been actively working, independently and alongside industry, to help reach Territorial targets and to transition toward more renewable and cleaner sources of energy and fuel. This can be particularly challenging during the Yukon’s extreme winter conditions.

Propane is a clean and reliable solution; it has proven itself to be the transitional fuel as the global economy transitions to a net zero future. The Yukon’s harsh winters can be challenging for other fuels Propane is a clean heating solution as well as being used for power generations. Propane will be used at the Eagle Mine during concurring operations and long into reclamation as a clean and reliable fuel source. NNDDC is in the process of developing carbon footprint records and a reporting structure on offset initiatives.

“We are proud to be moving towards being a more vital and valuable partner in local large-scale

industry. By entering into long-term lease agreements with our industrial assets, we’re able to

achieve long-term sustainable resources for our industry partners, and ongoing, stable revenue

for NNDDC. Developing secure and sustainable agreements within our business community

allows for more impactful economic development for the Territory.” - Jani Djokic, CEO

With NNDDC’s focus on community and economic development to consider community

wellbeing as a whole, this acquisition will contribute to funding ongoing community infrastructure


“This investment, and others like it, are powerful catalysts for holistic community development

by generating long-term profits that are able to be reinvested into our community, people,

language, land and culture. By increasing our ownership in these crucial infrastructure assets,

we are strengthening our participation in the supply chains that support our local economy. This

is an example of our unwavering commitment to fostering self-determination and advancing the

well-being of our community in a good way.”

- Julia Spriggs, Chief Reinvestment Officer

“These types of meaningful relationships should be an example of how contractors can work

with communities to foster impactful and meaningful partnerships. Borealis is using this as a

template as we work with other communities around North America to ensure we are doing our

part. Jani, Julia and their team at NNDDC are truly out-of-the-box thinkers creating meaningful

and impactful deals for their community. They have been a pleasure to work with, and we at

Borealis look forward to future deals.”

-Ben Tobber, President & CEO Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd.

Quick Facts

● Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation is the active business arm of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun. In addition to owning and operating several businesses such as Mayo Foods and Yukon Seed & Restoration, NNDDC is actively involved in infrastructure support for mining operations on the Traditional Territory.

● Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd. is a Certified Aboriginal Business with the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business with operations in Yukon and across North America. Borealis is one of the fastest-growing propane companies in North America; with a purchased local consumer experience like no other they are positioned to be the longterm transitional fuel source provider in the Yukon.

● NNDDC’s Central Yukon Equipment Leasing LP owns additional large-scale industrial infrastructure assets including a 27.5 kW solar generator currently leased to Snowline Gold Corp. and a mobile mining camp currently leased to Hecla for their Keno Hill mining operations.

● The principles of self-determination are a key strategic business factor for NNDDC. By building community wealth, we are able to move towards self-sufficiency and a self-determined future that fosters the wellbeing of our people, land, and waters.


Sarah Frey

Manager, Strategic Communications

Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation


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