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Welcome to the Team: Patty Wallingham

Photo Credit: Patty Wallingham

Dän k’í in our way Cenjeya úuzhi is my name, My name is Patty Wallingham, Northern Tutchone name Cenjeya (sin-chee-yah) and I am a citizen of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun, egune ich’i wolf clan

On my ihté father’s side, ję ihtsun et’i my grandmother Maggie Wallingham (nee. Wood) and ję ihtsí et’i Richard (Dick) Wallingham. I come from the matriarchal line of Big Maisie, Ellen Profeit, and Rose Zeniuk (nee. Turgeon, Wood). I take them and all my ancestors and Elders before me with me in everything I do and everything I become. They guide me through my path as they are a part of me. My connection to the community of Mayo and our Traditional Territory has always been near and dear to my heart and I can’t wait to work more closely day to day with that piece of my life. 

I hold a Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching, Biology minor, with a Diploma in Sport Science, Kinesiology from Douglas College where I thoroughly enjoyed my time away for school also leading into curling opportunities and connections, I hold close to my heart to this day. 

Expanding my knowledge in the realm of bookkeeping has always been intriguing for me and especially when it comes to my invested interest of our First Nation’s partnerships accomplishing goals with our community’s well-being in mind, and betterment of opportunities for generations to come. 

My path has lead me to an opportunity to work for our First Nation’s Development Corporation through bookkeeping where I’m so excited to expand my knowledge in this area of business. Over the past year I’ve been working closely with the Edlers of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun and learning so much. I am excited to learn more about how our First Nation benefits with good people, good partnerships and development corporation behind them. I’m honoured to be here and aim provide my presence of enthusiasm, knowledge of people and places while growing up in the Yukon, and care into my work with everything I do. 

Some of my passions are curling with my women's team, Team Wallingham going into our second competitive season this year. I love creating via beading and painting, staying active and being on the water and land. One of my favourite trips was canoeing the Wind River in our Traditional Territory – that’s where I feel closest to my ancestors and truly at peace with myself.


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