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A Feast of Growth and Community: NNDDC's 2023 Annual Report to Citizens

Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation (NNDDC), embarked to present our Annual Report to Citizens for Fiscal Year 2023 in a good way. On November 12, 2023 we were welcomed by NND Citizens in Mayo, followed by a November 18th meeting at our Whitehorse office for Citizens living outside of the community or those wishing to participate virtually. Steering away from the typical formality of corporate presentations, we chose to embrace a more intimate setting, inviting community members to join us for a shared meal and conversation as we revealed the highlights of our remarkable year.

At the core of our presentation was the exciting news of our continued financial growth and resilience during a period of global economic uncertainty. We proudly showcased our strong fiscal performance, reaffirming our commitment to economic prosperity for the Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Citizens. A significant theme in this year’s report was internal reinvestment as we welcomed several new staff members, a move that not only strengthens us internally but enriches our community by creating new job opportunities for NND Citizens. We took time to begin the work  on policy development and to create workflow procedures so that our new staff of 11 may be empowered to accomplish bigger, more broadly reaching opportunities in the coming years.

One of the most gratifying aspects of our 2023 Annual Report was our dedication to community-driven initiatives. Our profits weren't mere numbers on a financial statement; they were pathways to empowerment and community wellbeing. We had the opportunity to share our development of the concept of “sister investments”, where we identify highly profitable investments and commit the excess profits beyond our targets to be reinvested into specific projects or initiatives. This approach allows us to go beyond profit-seeking and prioritize the benefits to our community. . We highlighted our commitment to reinvesting in the community through innovative programs, including our ongoing scholarship programs. These initiatives open doors for NND youth, fostering educational growth, leadership, and strength within the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun.

Beyond scholarships, we proudly detailed our commitment to grassroots support through community sponsorships. By backing local events, projects, and causes, we actively participate in the vibrancy of the community we proudly serve. This approach aligns with not only our corporate values, but our holistic mission as we work to support community development on all levels.

A flagship initiative in our work is Ihdzí’, set to open its doors in 2024. We shared the progress of this highly anticipated space, emphasizing the community engagement work that has been conducted, and the prioritization of prepared food available for purchase in the space. Ihdzí’ represents more than just a building; it symbolizes our dedication to creating spaces that serve and uplift the people we represent.

What sets us apart is not just our achievements but the way we share them with our Citizens. Our Annual Report presentations in Mayo and Whitehorse were intentionally designed to be less formal and more welcoming. Breaking away from the traditional "top-down" approach, we embraced a format that encouraged open dialogue, and accessible and relevant storytelling intended to foster pride amongst our Citizen-base. We invited community members to share a meal with us, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and collaboration.

Our decision to move away from the conventional presentation style reflects our commitment to transparent and community-driven governance. We are actively evolving into an organization that is actively decolonizing and embracing the principles of Doóli in everything we do. Through this gathering-style approach, we aim to foster a sense of informed ownership and pride amongst Citizens . This innovative approach not only demystifies corporate reports but also seeks to strengthen the relationship between NNDDC and NND Citizens.

Our Annual Report presentations were not just about numbers and figures but about shared achievements, growth, and community building. Our commitment to financial success, community investment, and open dialogue serves as an inspiring model for corporations seeking to integrate corporate success with social responsibility. We are so grateful for all who came out to attend. Those who engaged in conversation with us, provided us with their feedback and shared their vision for the future of our community. As the sun sets on 2023, Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation looks toward a future filled with promise, shared prosperity, and a commitment to the ongoing wellbeing of our people, land, and waters.


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