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Living our values in sustainability: CEO, Jani Djokic takes temporary leave with support from Interim CEO, Margaret Dumkee

NNDDC proudly support's Jani Djokic in this time of rest and wellbeing and is grateful to welcome Interim CEO, Margaret Dumkee in the leadership role. Jani is anticipated to return to her role Spring 2025.

Jani Djokic, CEO NNDDC, pictured left, Margaret Dumkee, Interim CEO NNDDC, pictured right.

After more than seven years of service at Na-cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation and five years of leading unprecedented growth, we are honoured to be able to support our CEO, Jani Djokic, as she takes some time to temporarily step away from her role on a much-deserved sabbatical. Like our approach to our community and business investments, NNDDC recognizes that wellbeing comes in many different ways. We are privileged to celebrate moments like this for our team that uplift healthy work-life balance and allow for long-term healthy sustainability. 

"I am beyond grateful to work for an organization that holds work-life balance as a core value, and that I have been granted this time to integrate the knowledge and wisdom that I have received over the past seven years. There are times in which each of us requires time for stillness, pause, and reflection in our personal and professional lives - I am honoured to have this opportunity. I am excited to see the work that our amazing team will undertake during this time, under the guidance of our Interim CEO, Board of Directors, Shareholder, and community."

- Jani Djokic, CEO NNDDC

“Jani has built up a very capable team in these past five years. The Board of Directors is confident that the Development Corporation will continue  to be successful during Jani’s well - earned leave of absence.” - Hector Campbell, Chair NNDDC

In the meantime, we are grateful to welcome Maggie Dumkee temporarily to our team as Interim CEO. Maggie has been a Northerner for over thirty years and has been deeply involved with many aspects of community development including her previous position as an academic dean at Yukon University, and various roles with First Nation governments and organizations. In her role as Interim CEO, Maggie will be supporting the NNDDC team to continue with ongoing operations and assist in strengthening NNDDC’s internal processes and efficiencies so that we may continue to grow in good and sustainable ways. 

 “It is an honour to be joining the NNDDC team for the next several months and to support the good work the team members are doing.  I look forward to advancing the goals of our Board of Directors and building towards  the dreams of the citizens of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun.”

- Maggie Dumkee, Interim CEO NNDDC

During this transitional period, NNDDC’s priority remains in our wholehearted dedication to community wellbeing. We anticipate no operational interruptions as we continue our work on our ongoing and existing initiatives. Our hope that in this time we can continue to connect with and invest in the wellbeing of our community and our esteemed leadership. We anticipate welcoming Jani back to her role as CEO in Spring 2025, but until then we wish Jani all the best during this time.


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