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Sunrise Absorb

Sunrise Absorb is a community youth-led and named program in Mayo, Yukon, developed in partnership with Carleton University, JV Clark School and NNDDC that creates the opportunity for youth to design and build skateboards and sell them both online and locally.

The program is designed to foster technical skill building for the boards, promote cultural expression and language revitalization, increase school attendance and foster healthy outdoor recreation that is relevant to and wanted by community youth. Skateboarding as a medium for fun, self expression and art is an ideal vehicle for young people.

Sunrise Absorb hopes to not only promote future entrepreneurial and trades experience for youth, but further provide an outlet for recreation and expression amongst an ongoing community mental health crisis.

The program was started in 2020 by Carleton University in partnership with JV Clark School. It has historically been delivered twice a year for a week when the students from Carleton were visiting Mayo.

Now Recruiting Community Champions Part of the power of this program is providing opportunities for young people to connect with mentors in their own community. A Community Champion is a paid role in which adults will lead the year-long workshops and all aspects of skateboard making , including woodworking, technical building, and artwork. You don’t have to know the first thing about how to build skateboards - only a drive for community building. The 44 week workshop would comprise of 1 hour weekly sessions with multiple Community Champions taking shifts to allow flexibility and sustainability. The duties of this role include:

  • Instructing youth with all aspects of the build

  • Ensuring all health and safety protocols are being followed

  • Ensuring the work space is cleaned after each session

  • Ensuing for care and maintenance of equipment

  • Communicating issues, concerns and positive moments to program leads

  • Participating in creating a safe, inclusive, and uplifting space

  • Embodying the role of community mentor and support for youth

Training will be provided and paid for Community Champions, with the first session scheduled in Mayo for June 25-28, 2023.


2-3 hours


3-4 hours


3-4 hours

DAY 4 | ART - ADVANCED (optional)

4 hours optional day ( can come one or two of the optional days)

Ready to apply or have more questions? Reach out to Brett at: 403-540-5273 or at

More About Sunrise Absorb Project Partners Carleton University - founder of the program in 2020; Initial desire of connecting Carleton students with the community.

JV Clark School - facilitators, providing space and access to students, equipment and a learning environment;

NNDDC’s organizational role in this program is supportive. They are to provide administrative, financial, communications, and any other capacity possible as part of community reinvestment. Opportunities to provide education on different structures/financial literacy/entrepreneurship.


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